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What is Data.SA?

Data.SA is the South Australian Government's Open Data Portal. The portal is managed by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

The portal contains open datasets released by South Australian Government Agencies and Local Councils.  Data.SA helps citizens, businesses, entrepreneurs and industry discover openly licensed data so that it can be transformed into ideas, applications and visualisations which benefit the community. Visit the Apps & Ideas section to see how open data has been used.

Use the navigation menu to:

  • display all Datasets published on Data.SA

  • Search for data by Tags (keywords), Formats or Licence type

  • find data published by an Organisation

  • browse Groups of data by theme

What is open data?

The South Australian Government is the custodian of a diverse range of data. Making this available for everyone, unlocks its economic, social and environmental potential.

Open Data delivers transparency, supports collaboration between private and public sector and encourages informed participation in government by citizens.

At a minimun data that is released must be:

  • available online
  • free wherever possible
  • published using agreed open standards
  • openly licensed for commercial and other re-use.

What can I do with the data?

The Government of South Australia supports and encourages the dissemination and exchange of public sector information, and endorses the use of the Creative Commons Licenses by its agencies. Each dataset includes a licenced logo and link to a licence code that communicates the conditions of reuse that apply to the data set. Please refer to our Copyright Statement for more information on how you can use material on this website.

Additional terms for use of material

When using content from this website that is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence, you are required to attribute the work in the manner specified in the licence (but not in any way that suggests that the South Australian Government endorses you or your use of the work).

The South Australia Government requires that you use the following form of attribution:

Attribution to: Organisation name, South Australia, title of dataset, date the content was sourced, dataset URL

Example: The Department of the Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia, Field Crop Estimates, Sourced on 22 July 2013,

Can I use API ?

Refer to the attached links for information resources on CKAN’s API and functions for working with the CKAN DataStore

Can I preview data?

The preview function is available for some formats. This provides a “sneak preview” of the structure and the data may also be able to be graphed or mapped in preview. While some datasets cannot be previewed, they can all be downloaded.

Technical Problems

If you experience technical problems please contact us and detail the nature of the problem.