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Stay safe online this festive season

The risk of scams and malicious activity tends to increase during the festive season, typically with online scams and phishing emails. 

Stay safe online with these helpful tips.

  1. Fake Australia Post and mail delivery emails are common. Do not open or click a link on any email you are not expecting or comes from an unknown entity.
  2. Watch out for requests for personal or business information. Be careful with the information you share and ensure you are authorised to disclose this information. Report any suspicious requests to Scamwatch.
  3. Do not download apps from unknown sources. Use a trusted app store.
  4. Be aware of fake charities that take advantage of your generosity at this time of year.
  5. Check the legitimacy of prize draws and ‘like and share’ promotions – scams are common.
  6. Watch out for malicious e-cards that can contain spyware or malware.
  7. Research the seller and use a secure method of payment. Never directly transfer funds, even if it’s ‘low stock’ or the ‘only way to guarantee delivery before Christmas.’
  8. Regularly verify your list of banking transactions.
  9. Do not make purchases over a public WiFi connection.
  10. Remember, some offers really are too good to be true! 

 For more information, visit Stay Smart Online and Scamwatch.