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  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships

    The datasets contain South Australian Training Contract commencement, completion and in-training data. All three types of data can be downloaded as separate zip files. Please...
  • SAFA - Composition of Fleet Vehicles

    Shows the type of vehicle that comprise the Fleet make up
  • SAFA Five-Year Financial Summary

    Five year summary for SAFA shows total for assets, liabilities, retained earnings, profit before tax and full time equivalents over a 5 year period.
  • SAFA Consultants & Contractors

    External consultants and contractors engaged by SAFA during the Financial Year categorised by expenditure amounts above $10,000 and below $10,000
  • SAFA Insurance Cost Categories

    Shows the estimated cost of insurance by type and the number of claims during the financial year
  • Census - Community Profile

    The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Community Profile provides demographic and economic analysis for the Council area and its suburbs based on results from the 2016, 2011, 2006,...
  • South Australian Government ICT Investment and Workforce Data

    A summary of the South Australian Government ICT Investment and Workforce data for the 2009-10, 2011-12 and 2013-14 financial years.
  • Budget 2015-16 Tables and Data

    The 2015-16 Budget is now available. This dataset is a collection of data sources from the 2015-16 State Budget, specifically Budget Statements. The Budget Statements consists...
  • City of Adelaide Census of Land Use and Employment

    Provides a statistical snapshot of the City’s employment by industry and location. The census also captures parking and venue capacities however for simplicity this data has not...
  • Small Area Labour Markets Publication

    Small Area Labour Markets presents regional estimates of unemployment and the unemployment rate at two small area levels: For approximately 2,100 Australian Bureau of...
  • South Australian State Budget 2017-18

    On 22 June 2017, the Hon. Tom Koutsantonis released the 2017–18 State Budget. "We are protecting existing jobs and trying to help our traditional manufacturers survive in...
  • South Australian State Government Finance Statistics

    The South Australian Government reports government finance statistics to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • Labour Force Monthly

    Summary results of the monthly Labour Force Survey containing estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time/part-time status, states and territories...
  • Labour Force Quarterly

    A range of quarterly Excel spreadsheets and SuperTABLE datacubes. The spreadsheets contain broad level data covering all the major items of the Labour Force Survey in time...
  • Education and Work

    Provides selected information on participation in education, highest educational attainment, transition from education to work and current labour force and demographic...
  • South Australian Labour Force

    This dataset is based on a sample survey of approximately 2,000 South Australian households. The two main ‘series types’ are Trend and Seasonally Adjusted.
  • Payroll Tax Small Business Rebate

    The small business payroll tax rebate operates from 2013-14 to 2019-20 and is provided to eligible employers with a taxable Australian payroll of less than or equal to $1.2...
  • First Home Owner Grant

    The First Home Owner Grant is paid by the State Government to eligible first home owners.
  • Regional Labour Force Data

    This dataset contains Regional Labour Force data, and is based on a sample survey of approximately 2,000 South Australian households. Additional labour force data can be found...
  • Workforce Data

    This data set is a compilation of various publically available data sources that contain content relating to workforce planning and profiling in South Australia The data set...
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