Bushfire Last Resort Refuges

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It is important not to confuse Last Resort Refuges with a Bushfire Safer Place.

Last Resort Refuges are your LAST choice of location to shelter from a bushfire.

A Last Resort Refuge is a space or building which you could go to and remain in during a bushfire in your area.

It is an area that provides a minimum level of protection from the immediate life threatening effects of radiant heat and direct flame contact in a bushfire.

A Last Resort Refuge is intended to provide a place of relative safety during a bushfire. It does not guarantee the survival of those who assemble there. You should only use a Last Resort Refuge when your personal Bushfire Survival Plans cannot be implemented or have failed.

Risks associated with Last Resort Refuges are:

Travelling to a Last Resort Refuge may be dangerous. Traffic congestion, fire activity, heavy smoke, accidents or fallen trees may block the route There is no guarantee that you will be safe from fire or radiant heat when travelling to or sheltering at a Last Resort Refuge Emergency services may not be present There may be limited capacity Last Resort Refuges do not cater for animals Last Resort Refuges do not provide meals, amenities or special needs (e.g. for infants, the elderly, the ill or disabled) *Last Resort Refuges may not provide shelter from the elements, particularly flying sparks and embers.

A Last Resort Refuge is not designed to replace a personal Bushfire Survival Plan.

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