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  • Passengers in History

    Passengers in History brings together two wonderful resources: A passengers data base developed by the SA Maritime Museum, A list of ships’ logs and diaries, titled Log of...
  • Community History Live Stream

    The community history website is a place for community organisations, historical groups and individuals to come together to share their interests in and explore South...
  • SA History Hub

    The SA History Hub website is an interactive way of engaging with the history of our state. This site is built on stories of South Australia's people, places and events, the...
  • Interned: Torrens Island, 1914-1915

    Interned: Torrens Island, 1914-1915 In August 1914 war broke out across Europe. Within days ‘enemy subjects’ in Australia were required to register with the authorities. Most...
  • History Festival Archive

    The History Festival is held every year in May. This dataset contains an archive of festival events for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
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