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  • City of Adelaide Census of Land Use and Employment

    Provides a statistical snapshot of the City’s employment by industry and location. The census also captures parking and venue capacities however for simplicity this data has not...
  • City of Adelaide Contours

    This dataset contains the City of Adelaide Contours at 0.5m height levels. The position accuracy levels are 0.5m
  • Events

    Provides details of events that are planned in the Adelaide City Council area.
  • Adelaide City Living Market Research

    With population growth in the Adelaide city centre a priority for both the Government of South Australia and the City of Adelaide, a joint research study was commissioned by the...
  • Dog Registrations

    List of dogs registered in Adelaide City Council area (Adelaide and North Adelaide) for a particular period. Information provided includes dog name, breed, period, gender,...
  • Traffic Restrictions

    Illustrates traffic restrictions across the Adelaide City Council boundary area.
  • Development Applications

    Provides details of all development applications that have been lodged with the Adelaide City Council that have not yet expired. More information about development planning and...
  • Event Notification

    Provides a breakdown of whether subscribers have registered to receive updates for event parking controls and/or event roads closures and/or permanent parking control changes....
  • Residential Dwellings

    The number of residential dwellings categorised by type and by survey block location from 2006 to 2014. SurveyBlockID in the table links to SVYBLK in the KMZ layer SurveyBlock.
  • Torrens Lake Water Quality

    This dataset contains a variety of water quality measurements from various locations in the Torrens Lake between the Hackney Road bridge and the Torrens Weir. In particular it...
  • Traffic Intersection Volumes

    Data from the traffic signalling system (SCATS). The dataset contains hourly traffic volumes for the Adelaide City Council jurisdiction. Metadata: - site_no: Unique site...
  • Customer Calls Categorised

    Each interaction is categorised within the Contact Centre Telephony application - Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) at the end of each interaction using what is known as a...
  • UPark Car Parks - Available Spaces

    Displays the number of current car parking spaces available at each of the UPark car parks located in the city. Further information re UPark locations, operating hours, rates...
  • On Street Parking Zones

    Displays the on-street parking zones located in the Adelaide City Council areas. Information provided includes the zone’s location, status, number of spaces available, size of...
  • Outdoor Dining Permits

    Lists all businesses in Adelaide CBD & North Adelaide with permits to offer outdoor dining.
  • Fees & Charges

    This dataset provides a list of all the fees and charges that exist within Adelaide City Council along with the GST, authority and legislative types. Files are included from...
  • Torrens River Water Quality - Upstream and Downstream from Lake

    This dataset contains water quality measurements from various locations upstream from Gorge Weir to Hackney Road Bridge and downstream of the Torrens lake from City Weir to West...
  • 3D Model of the City of Adelaide

    3D Model of the city of Adelaide. The link contains a list of a large number of sub-folders and files. At the bottom of the list are the help files, block map and metadata. Some...
  • City Library Daily Door Count

    Captures the total number of people entering the City Library - daily count.
  • Properties Land Use

    This report contains all properties within Adelaide and North Adelaide with their attributed Land Use Code.
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