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  • Our People

    Statistical information in text and graphical form about Onkaparinga's population with demographics
  • Our Land

    Statistical information about the City of Onkaparinga's size, suburbs and ABS Statistical areas. This is useful information for establishing a locality reference for further...
  • Our Economy

    Statistical information showing the number of businesses in Onkaparinga by major industry groups, employment size and turnover ranges
  • Our Community

    Statistical information about house crime rates in Onkaparinga
  • Our Environment

    Statistical information about waste and recycling, water consumption and solar installations in Onkaparinga
  • Our Council

    2018 council election results and successful candidates for the Onkaparinga area. Results of the 2013 Community Satisfaction Survey.
  • Flood Mapping

    Studies undertaken to determine the possible high flow rates and anticipated flood flow paths of watercourses in Onkaparinga. The information is used to help inform our...
  • Waste - Recyling - Green Waste - Collection Dates

    Lookup data for waste collection based on street, suburb and day of the week
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