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  • Consultants

    Consultants engaged by Defence SA since 2012-13.
  • Fraud Detection

    Fraud detected in Defence SA since 2012-13.
  • Public Complaints

    Reporting of Public Complaints regarding Defence SA since 2012-13.
  • Whistle-blower Disclosure

    Whistle-blower disclosure at Defence SA since 2012-13.
  • EPA Licensed Activities

    The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Licensed Activities dataset contains the approximate point locations of facilities licensed by the EPA, and activity codes as per...
  • Industrial Land

    Land located wholly or partially in industrial zones, including anticipated future industrial zones, and assessed as either vacant, agricultural or developed.
  • Executive Employment

    Executive employment at Defence SA since 2012-13.
  • City of Adelaide Census of Land Use and Employment

    Provides a statistical snapshot of the City’s employment by industry and location. The census also captures parking and venue capacities however for simplicity this data has not...
  • Major Developments Directory

    The Major Developments Directory is developed by the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) as a showcase of South Australian projects...
  • South Australian Digital Landscape

    2016 Digital Landscape Report The 2016 South Australian Government Digital Landscape Report examines the provision of digital government services from the perspectives of the...
  • National Regional Profile

    The National Regional Profile (NRP) presents data for 2010-14 for Local Government Areas, Australian Statistical Geography Standard regions (Statistical Areas 2, 3 and 4, and...
  • Workforce Data

    This data set is a compilation of various publically available data sources that contain content relating to workforce planning and profiling in South Australia The data set...
  • SASP Target 95 - Industry collaboration, research and development commerciali...

    Increase to $650m total gross cumulative value of industry and other funding for research earned by universities and state-based publicly funded research institutions by 2020.
  • SASP Target 40 - Food Industry

    Grow the contribution made by the South Australian food industry to $20 billion by 2020.
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  • From data.gov.au Energy Rating Data for household appliances – Non Labelled products

    These datasets contain information about residential, commercial and industrial products that have been registered for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in Australia...
  • From data.gov.au Progress in Australian Regions Yearbook

    The Progress in Australian Regions—Yearbook is a statistical resource that measures progress in a region against social, economic, environmental and governance indicators. The...
  • From data.gov.au New Business Assistance with NEIS data

    This dataset contains characteristic information of job seekers and businesses which participated in New Business Assistance with NEIS between 01 July 2015 and 31 July 2019. The...
  • From data.gov.au Industry interface area

    This layer is displayed on the Industry, community infrastructure and agriculture land interface area overlay map in City Plan version 7 as 'Industry interface area'. The layer...
  • From data.gov.au Job Placements

    The jobactive Job Placements table provides data on jobactive job placements. The table includes provider information, vacancy details, job seeker characteristics at the time of...
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