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  • SAFA Insurance Cost Categories

    Shows the estimated cost of insurance by type and the number of claims during the financial year
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  • From data.gov.au Business Indicators

    Contains quarterly estimates of profits, income from the sale of goods and services, wages and salaries, and the book value of inventories. These data are classified by broad...
  • From data.gov.au Consumer Price Index (CPI) 16th Series

    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures quarterly changes in the price of a 'basket' of goods and services which account for a high proportion of expenditure by the CPI...
  • From data.gov.au Lending Finance by Industry

    This publication presents statistics on finance commitments made by significant lenders for the purposes of secured housing finance for owner occupation, other personal finance,...
  • From data.gov.au Life Insurance Offices – Statutory Funds

    From June 1988, the data are derived from ABS Cat No 5655.0. Prior to June 1988, the data are from Appendix H in the Quarterly Statistical Bulletin published by the Insurance...
  • From data.gov.au Quarterly Life Insurance Performance Statistics

    The Quarterly Life Insurance Performance Statistics publication provides industry aggregate summaries of financial performance, financial position, solvency, capital adequacy...
  • From data.gov.au Life Insurance Institution-level Statistics

    The Life Insurance Institution-level Statistics publication contains individual insurer level information about financial performance, position, and capital base and solvency...
  • From data.gov.au Life Insurance Supplementary Statistical Tables

    The Life Insurance Supplementary Statistical Tables contains aggregate level data about Sources of profit, Assets backing policy liabilities and Policy liabilities.
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