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  • caa

    Courts Administration Authority

    The Courts Administration Authority is constituted by the Courts Administration Act 1993 and is independent of Government and is a means for the judiciary to control the provision of the administrative facilities and services required by State courts to carry out their judicial functions.

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  • ctp-regulator

    CTP Regulator

    The Regulator is responsible for regulating and monitoring the South Australian CTP Scheme. The purpose of the Regulator is to deliver a high-performing competitive CTP scheme that offers choice, ease and confidence to the South Australian community

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  • defence-sa

    Defence SA

    Defence SA is South Australia’s lead government agency for all defence matters. Defence SA is a single point of contact for all defence stakeholders, streamlining their interaction across the South Australian Government. Defence SA’s mission is maximise investment and jobs from the Australian Defence Force and defence industries. Working closely with Defence and industry, Defence SA targets investment and expansion opportunities, drives and supports the delivery of major defence projects and facilities, and pursues the location of additional Defence units and capabilities in the state. Defence SA also plays a key role in supporting the Australian Government’s strategic defence policy, particularly by increasing local industry participation and ensuring that state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly skilled, industry-ready workforce is in place to underpin defence projects. In recognition of the strong contribution that defence makes to the state’s economic prosperity, South Australia's Premier is responsible for the Defence and Space Industries portfolio.

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  • department-for-child-protection

    Department for Child Protection

    The purpose of the Department for Child Protection is to care for and protect at risk children and young people by working together to address abuse and neglect and to keep them safe from further harm.

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  • dept-for-correctional-services

    Department for Correctional Services

    The Department for Correctional Services has an important role in the criminal justice system in South Australia. This is reflected in the Department’s vision for "A safer community by protecting the public and reducing re-offending."

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  • dept-for-education

    Department for Education

    The Department for Education is responsible for a range of multi-disciplinary services for the benefit of South Australian families, children and young people. Our key functions are to: - oversee early childhood care and services for South Australian families - provide and regulate services that benefit children and families - lead and manage South Australia's education system.

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  • department-for-energy-and-mining

    Department for Energy and Mining

    The Department for Energy and Mining is committed to delivering affordable, reliable and secure energy supplies in a transitioning national energy market, and to responsibly unlock the value and opportunities offered by South Australia's mineral and energy resources.

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  • dept-for-environment-and-water

    Department for Environment and Water

    The Department for Environment and Water aims to help South Australians conserve, sustain and prosper. To achieve our purpose we’ve adopted four complementary roles: *A facilitator of community involvement in and taking responsibility for the environment. *A steward of the state’s natural resources to enable sustainable development. *The custodian of public parks, gardens, heritage places and crown lands for public benefit and enjoyment, and for their intrinsic value. *An authority on the state’s environment and natural resources to help governments, businesses and individuals make good long-term decisions.

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  • department-for-industry-innovation-science

    Department for Industry, Innovation and Science

    The Department for Innovation and Skills is responsible for supporting South Australia’s future economy, creating prosperity and opportunity for the people that choose to live and work in our State. From 1 July 2022, under the Machinery of Government process, the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) was established to drive economic growth by supporting South Australian industries and businesses to succeed in a local and global environment.

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  • department-of-planning-transport-and-infrastructure

    Department for Infrastructure and Transport

    The Department for Infrastructure and Transport serves South Australia by endeavouring to meet the state’s current and future planning, transport and infrastructure needs. We aim to meet the State's strategic plan targets by developing infrastructure, improving road safety, and increasing the use of public transport.

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  • department-for-trade-and-investment

    Department for Trade and Investment

    The Department for Trade and Investment works with South Australian businesses and stakeholders to boost exports, grow the state’s international engagement and showcase South Australia to the world. The Department supports businesses to connect with overseas markets, create strong international relationships and capitalise on export opportunities, while at the same time, strengthening the South Australian economy and creating jobs

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  • dept-of-human-services

    Department of Human Services

    The Department of Human Services (DHS) brings together a range of services, funding and policy responsibilities which together support disability, safety, equality, opportunity and justice across South Australia, particularly for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community. DHS has lead responsibility on behalf of the South Australian Government in the areas of affordable living programs, youth justice, domestic violence, problem gambling, screening services and disaster relief and recovery. The department provides a wide range of grants to community organisations, leads the government’s agenda to build thriving communities and promote resilience. DHS also has lead policy responsibility in relation to disability, women, youth, volunteers and carers.

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  • dept-of-primary-industries-and-regions

    Department of Primary Industries and Regions

    The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) is a key economic development agency in the Government of South Australia, with responsibility for the prosperity of the state's primary industries and regions. South Australia's agriculture, food, wine and forestry industries are a vital part of the state's economy, our largest export sector and a major employer. In 2016-17, they generated about $22.5 billion in revenue and accounted for 57% of the state's merchandise exports.

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  • dept-of-the-premier-and-cabinet

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet has overarching responsibility for federal, state and local government relations, delivers specialist policy advice to the Premier and Ministers, and is committed to working with, and for the community. The department champions the vision for South australia's future as outlined in the state's Strategic Plan. Our ongoing commitment to community engagement ensures that our work aligns with continued excellence in service delivery and good business practice.

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  • department-of-treasury-and-finance

    Department of Treasury and Finance

    The Department of Treasury and Finance is the lead agency for economic, social and financial policy outcomes. We conduct research, analyse information, give advice and contribute to government policy and decision making. We also provide financial services to the community, covering asset and liability management, collection of state taxes, insurance and superannuation.

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  • district-council-of-loxton-waikerie

    District Council of Loxton Waikerie

    The District Council of Loxton Waikerie is a local government area with an estimated population of 11,500, living across an area of 7957km2 in the Riverland region of South Australia. The larger population centres are on the Murray River, with agriculture and horticulture being the largest economic driver.

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  • education-standards-board

    Education Standards Board

    We are the state government authority responsible for regulating early childhood services and schools.

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  • environment-protection-authority-epa

    Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

    The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is South Australia’s independent environment protection regulator. We protect, restore and enhance the environment through the risk-based regulation of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.

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  • essential-services-commission-escosa

    Essential Services Commission (ESCOSA)

    The Essential Services Commission is an independent economic regulator established under the Essential Services Commission Act 2002, which came into effect on 12 September 2002. The Commission’s primary objective, specified in the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 (ESC Act), is the: “protection of the long-term interests of South Australian consumers with respect to the price, quality and reliability of essential services”.

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  • eyre-peninsula-landscape-board

    Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board

    The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board works to deliver practical, on-ground programs to help landholders manage the regions water, land and soil, pest plants and animals and biodiversity, in partnership with farming groups, environmental non-government organisations, local council and community groups, in line with the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Plan 2021-2026.

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