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  • south-australian-film-corporation

    South Australian Film Corporation

    The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) was established under the South Australian Film Corporation Act 1972 to stimulate and encourage the formation and continued development of a film industry in South Australia. Through its central role supporting the state’s screen industry, the SAFC contributes to a robust South Australian economy; creating jobs, attracting business, telling South Australian stories, supporting visitation, driving innovation and encouraging participation in cultural activities.

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  • south-australian-fire-and-emergency-services-commission

    South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission

    The South Australian Emergency Services Sector (ESS), comprising the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM), Country Fire Service (CFS), Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and State Emergency Service (SES), protects South Australian lives, property and environment. The ESS plays an essential role in the safety of all South Australians. Funded wholly by the people of South Australia, the ESS has a responsibility to deliver benefits and cost efficiency to those it serves and returns an increasing value on their trusted investment. The primary role of the ESS is to prevent the loss of life, property, environment and infrastructure through reducing the impact of fires and other emergencies on our community. Not only is this achieved through an ongoing investment in emergency response equipment and trained personnel, but as importantly the ESS is committed to providing emergency warning systems and awareness materials that enable all South Australians to be as prepared and resilient to the dangers of fire and other emergencies as possible. SAFECOM provides ‘corporate’ support services that are integral in allowing the ESOs – CFS, MFS and SES – to provide the frontline services that directly support and protect the community of South Australia. SAFECOM is governed by the SAFECOM Board which comprises the SAFECOM Chief Executive (Presiding Member), the Chief Officers of the three emergency service agencies, a representative of the United Firefighters Union, representatives from the SES Volunteer Association and CFS Volunteer Association and two independent members appointment by the Minister for Emergency Services.

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  • south-australian-government-financing-authority

    South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA)

    SAFA is a statutory authority and is subject to the control and direction of the Treasurer of South Australia. SAFA functions as a central financing authority, captive insurer and manager of the passenger and light commercial vehicle fleet operations for the Government of South Australia. It plays an integral role in the overall management of the State’s finances and risks in providing a range of treasury, insurance and fleet services to its public sector clients.

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  • south-australian-mental-health-commission

    South Australian Mental Health Commission

    The role of the SA Mental Health Commission is to strengthen the mental wellbeing of South Australians. The Commission’s key initial task is to lead the development of the State’s Mental Health Strategic Plan which will provide strategic direction for the five-year period 2017-2022, based on a 20-year vision. The Commission will also co-ordinate and oversee the development and implementation of subsequent action plans flowing from the Strategic Plan and continue promoting public awareness and destigmatising mental health and wellbeing.

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  • south-australian-metropolitan-fire-service

    South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

    The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is the primary provider of structural firefighting services to the State of South Australia. The MFS was established in 1862. The MFS is based in the city of Adelaide, population approximately 1.2 million and capital of South Australia. The MFS is a fully professional organisation, recognised for excellence of service provision and employs more than 1,000 staff across 36 stations (20 metropolitan and 16 regional) in South Australia.

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  • south-australian-museum

    South Australian Museum

    The South Australian Museum is one of the most visited museums in Australia and holds collections of national and international significance. It is a leader in remote and regional community engagement, and in Australian Aboriginal heritage and scientific research. The Museum offers five floors of intriguing displays to explore, with a regularly changing calendar of exhibitions and a range of community programs that appeal to all ages. Research at the South Australian Museum is unparalleled in the world. It incorporates an exciting blend of traditional scientific disciplines, cutting edge molecular genetic technologies and unique and extensive specimen collections.

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  • south-australian-state-emergency-service

    South Australian State Emergency Service

    SASES has a number of legislative roles, including exercising responsibilities as Control Agency for flooding, extreme weather and structural collapse. SASES is also a Hazard Leader for extreme weather including storms and heatwaves. Operational functions include responding to floods and storms, assisting police, health, and the two fire agencies in dealing with any emergency, as well as assisting in carrying out prevention, preparedness, response and recovery operations and undertaking rescues.

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  • south-australia-police

    South Australia Police

    South Australia Police (SAPOL) provides a broad range of policing and community services to ensure that South Australia remains a safe place to live, visit and do business. SAPOL protects and reassures the community through enforcement, incident response, investigation, prosecution, education, advocacy, victim support and community engagement.

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  • state-library-of-south-australia

    State Library of South Australia

    The State Library of South Australia is the largest public reference library in South Australia with a collection focus on South Australian information and general reference material for information and research purposes.

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  • state-opera-south-australia

    State Opera South Australia

    The State Opera of South Australia aspires to be the most exciting and innovative opera company in Australia, enhancing South Australia’s reputation nationally and internationally. It was created as a Statutory Authority, under the State Opera of South Australia Act in 1976, to present, produce, manage and conduct theatrical and operatic performances that attract a diverse local, national and, potentially, international audience. It is a flagship arts organisation in South Australia and has made a huge contribution to the operatic arts, not just in South Australia, but at a national and international level, as well.

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  • state-records

    State Records

    State Records of South Australia is the government archives of South Australia and holds a large part of our state's official documentary heritage. We hold records covering almost every facet of state and local government administration within South Australia. As a result, our records provide valuable insight and knowledge about the lives of South Australians.

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  • state-theatre-company-south-australia

    State Theatre Company South Australia

    State Theatre Company South Australia is the state’s flagship professional theatre company performing an annual season of classic and contemporary Australian and international theatre works at its main performance home – the Dunstan Playhouse. The Company is a major community and cultural resource for all South Australians and is vital to artistic life in the state.

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  • tafe-sa


    TAFE SA is the largest provider of vocational education and training (VET) in South Australia delivering more than 1000 courses to an average of 80,000 students per year at our campuses across the State. TAFE SA offers training across more than 80 activity and industry-related areas with a wide range of quality courses and flexible study options to suit your personal needs. TAFE SA plays a major role in the development of South Australia’s future workforce with 90% of students employed or in further study after graduating and a further 92.2% were satisfied with our teaching (NCVER Student Outcomes Survey 2014, released December 2014). In building the State’s skill base, TAFE SA works with industry and business to deliver relevant, high-quality, vocational education and training to better link skills and training with job opportunities, ensuring sustainable employment within the state.

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  • tandanya-national-aboriginal-cultural-institute

    Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

    Tandana is owned and managed by the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Inc. It is Australia’s oldest Aboriginal-owned and managed multi-arts centre. In 2014, Tandanya celebrated 25 years of continuous operation since the institute was incorporated in 1989.

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  • teachers-registration-board-of-south-australia

    Teachers Registration Board of South Australia

    The Teachers Registration Board is established under the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 (the Act) and the Teachers Registration and Standards Regulations 2016 (the Regulations) to regulate the teaching profession in South Australia.

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  • the-city-of-campbelltown

    The City of Campbelltown

    The City of Campbelltown is located in Adelaide's inner eastern suburbs - about 6 kilometres from the Adelaide GPO. The City is bounded by the River Torrens and the City of Tea Tree Gully in the north, the District of Adelaide Hills in the east, the City of Burnside in the south, the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters in the west and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield in the north-west. Campbelltown City Council has been operational for around 150 years, and serves an estimated population of 51,322.

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  • unleashed2014

    Unleashed 2014 Industry and Community Data

    Non Government datasets provided by industry and the community for the Unleashed 2014 competition. Datasets provided by the University of Adelaide, The Public Health Information Development Unit, National Centre for Vocational Education Research, Internode, News Corp Australia and SA Community Connecting Up Australia.

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  • wellbeing-sa

    Wellbeing SA

    Wellbeing SA was established as a new agency, attached to the Department for Health and Wellbeing, in January 2020. Wellbeing SA will work across the disease continuum, in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention to: • promote wellbeing and prevent risk factors in well people • identify people who have risk factors or an illness early so that it can be cured or best managed • ensure people who have an established disease receive the best care, close to their home and community

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  • windmill-theatre-company

    Windmill Theatre Co

    Windmill Theatre Co was established in 2002 as a children's performing arts company to produce, present, facilitate, manage and promote high quality performing arts productions and other arts activities for children, young people, families, schools and other groups or bodies, both within the State and nationally and internationally.

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  • zero-waste-sa

    Zero Waste SA - Inactive

    Zero Waste SA is a South Australian state government organisation which enables people to improve their recycling and waste avoidance practices, whether at home, at work or in industry. Note: Green Industries SA has replaced ZeroWaste SA.

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