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On Street Parking Zones CSV KMZ 18831 4503
Metro median house sales excel (.xlsx) XLSX XLS 14279 2410
Expiation Notice System Data zip (csv) CSV TXT HTML PDF .csv 12682 2340
Crime statistics XLSX 9674 1770
Popular Baby Names CSV DOC 7634 1636
Suburbs HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON CSV 7231 1963
3D Model of the City of Adelaide ZIP 6341 564
South Australian Country Fire Service Current Incidents RSS Feed RSS KMZ 5454 163
Land Development Zones HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 5187 1515
Roads HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 4619 1641
Traffic Volumes HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 3980 1238
Local Government Areas HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 3635 1164
Road Crash Data zip (csv) CSV 3591 709
SA Government Regions HTML zip (shp) KMZ GeoJSON .csv 3091 783
Soils (soil type) SHP KMZ GeoJSON PDF Metadata 3012 606
Hundred maps DATA 2967 368
Adelaide Metro Real-Time Passenger Information PDF GeoJSON 2964 619
Road Crash Locations in SA HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 2887 813
Shipwrecks zip (shp) KMZ GeoJSON metadata HTML 2562 576
Local History Photo Collection - Port Adelaide Enfield url GeoJSON 2457 298
South Australian Fire Ban Districts KMZ HTML 2441 387
Design Wind Speed HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 2431 368
Statewide Rail Network HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 2373 673
State Electorates HTML shape file .shp KML GeoJSON zip (shp) SHP 2235 371
Public Housing Waiting List Selected Areas by Category 2014 CSV 2215 187
Property Boundaries KMZ CSV SHP 2187 494
Aerial Imagery - Greater Adelaide 1949 JP2 PDF Metadata 2164 645
Schools XLS HTML 2114 686
Rest Areas HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 2112 485
Street Trees KMZ CSV SHP 2062 460
Historic Photos of Adelaide XML CSV PDF KML ZIP 1981 728
Bushfire Protection Areas HTML zip (shp) KMZ ZIP 1809 566
Adelaide Public Transport Stop Data HTML shape file .shp KML GeoJSON 1796 609
Groundwater Aquifers SHP KMZ GeoJSON Metadata HTML 1767 341
SA Heritage Places HTML zip (shp) ZIP 1756 432
Building Height Restrictions KMZ CSV 1735 479
Population Projections for SA website XLS PDF 1719 610
Survey Marks and Survey Mark Plans (Reference) HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 1690 462
Land Division Applications HTML zip (shp) KMZ ZIP 1685 532
Real Time Traffic Delays (beta) GeoJSON PDF 1683 309
Parking Expiations Issued by Adelaide City Council .csv 1649 240
Place names (State Gazetteer) HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 1600 500
Metropolitan Adelaide Boundary (Development Act 1993) map viewer website zip (shp) GeoJSON ZIP 1577 136
South Australian Retirement Villages Register CSV SHP DOC HTML 1563 637
Adelaide Metro General Transit Feed ZIP 1542 497
Australian Tourism Data Warehouse API api 1536 690
South Australian Cancer Registry CSV xlxs XLS 1530 276
SA Public and Private Hospitals Locations SHP CSV HTML 1509 502
Adelaide Metrocard Validations DOC CSV .csv 1502 417
Residential Code HTML zip (shp) KMZ GeoJSON 1447 438
Jetties HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 1416 273
Conservation Reserve Boundaries SHP KMZ GeoJSON metadata HTML 1372 524
UPark Car Parks - Available Spaces XML 1328 385
South Australian Monitoring and Surveillance System: Target, Trends at a glance & Indicator reports xlxs XLSX DOCX 1315 401
Watercourses in South Australia SHP KMZ GeoJSON metadata HTML 1284 379
State Maintained Roads HTML PDF zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 1262 238
Boat Registrations XLS 1207 279
Flood Mapping JSP 1194 99
Recreation Trails SHP KMZ GeoJSON GPX Metadata 1163 348
Property Database CSV 1130 124
Budget 2015-16 Tables and Data excel (.xlsx) excel (xlsx) 1064 311
Waterbodies in South Australia SHP KMZ GeoJSON metadata HTML 1063 767
Centrelink Office Locations shp txt 992 167
Dog Register CSV 986 122
Air Quality Monitoring Sites SHP KMZ GeoJSON HTML 983 214
Adelaide City Census of Land Use and Employment KMZ CSV Excel .csv 976 245
Traffic Signals HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 974 278
Bike Direct Network HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 940 345
Dog Registrations CSV 931 352
On Street Parking Ticket Machines CSV KMZ SHP 929 183
Major and Minor Roads KMZ SHP 927 399
School Zones for South Australian Government High Schools 2015 zip (shp) 926 254
South Australian Community Services Directory CSV XLSX JSON DOC 919 289
Development Plan Map Index HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 916 202
Traineeships and Apprenticeships PDF XLS 910 290
Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) statistics various formats HTML multiple format XLS mutiple formats 906 346
Drillholes within South Australia SHP KMZ GeoJSON metadata HTML 894 284
Surface Water Catchments SHP KMZ GeoJSON Metadata HTML 886 232
Development Application Register CSV 861 150
BreastScreen SA Clinics SHP HTML 849 175
School Zones for South Australian Government High Schools 2017 HTML zip (shp) 839 85
Social Health Atlas of Australia: Local Government Area XLS 832 177
Registered Vehicles by Body Type CSV .csv 830 218
SA Ambulance Service reported ambulance incidents by priority XLSX 817 28
Tourism Visitor Statistics XLSX 812 183
Waste - Recyling - Green Waste - Collection Dates JSP 802 61
Metropolitan Open Space System Study Area (MOSS) HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 790 328
Service SA in South Australia SHP TXT HTML 761 92
Emergency Services SHP HTML 758 202
Hundreds HTML zip (shp) KML GeoJSON 743 208
API Statewide Local Government Datasets api PDF XLSX CSV 740 84
Natural Resource Management Regions SHP KMZ GeoJSON metadata HTML 736 196
Earthquakes multiple spatia DOC HTML 728 191
Traffic Intersection Volumes ZIP 724 84
Liquor & Gaming Licences CSV DOC XLSX XLS 724 199
Workforce Data XLSX DOC 711 325
Depth to Watertable (soils) SHP KMZ GeoJSON PDF Metadata 696 113
Council Ward Maps PDF 694 110
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