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GovHack State Director appointed

The State Director for GovHack in SA for 2017 is Hasan Tanvir Anjum.

Hasan is a local entrepreneur and the Founder / Managing Director of A&H Digital Solutions, an Adelaide-based technology start-up. He is a qualified software engineer with 16 years of IT industry experience. He has worked with SA Government and the United Nations.

Hasan loves working on programs and projects that genuinely create “value” and improve the lives of fellow human beings. He competed in GovHack 2016 and won the GovHack Spirit Prize at the Adelaide Venue.

Hasan will be leading the State Operations team for South Australia. Contact Hasan for advice about competition sponsorship and hosting events in 2017.

The SA Government Ambassador for GovHack 2017 is Alex Keay, who works in the Office for Customer, ICT and Digital Transformation. Alex held the role of GovHack State Manager in 2016 and was co-lead of the inaugural D3 Digital Challenges pilot. Alex is keen to promote the value of open data in South Australia, and encourage government to partner with established and aspiring local entrepreneurs to solve real world problems.

Contact Alex to learn more about GovHack in SA Government sponsorship opportunities and how your agency can take part in the 2017 competition by linking open data to

Learn more about this year’s competition at GovHack in SA and signing up to our e-news.