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  • Libraries Board of South Australia Annual Report data

    Statistical data that appears in the Libraries Board of South Australia Annual Reports.
  • Census - Community Profile

    The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Community Profile provides demographic and economic analysis for the Council area and its suburbs based on results from the 2016, 2011, 2006,...
  • Data.SA dataset usage for 2017

    Data.SA website open dataset usage for 2017. Includes the number of views, visits and resource formats for a dataset each month.
  • Our People

    Statistical information in text and graphical form about Onkaparinga's population with demographics
  • Our Economy

    Statistical information showing the number of businesses in Onkaparinga by major industry groups, employment size and turnover ranges
  • Our Community

    Statistical information about house crime rates in Onkaparinga
  • Our Environment

    Statistical information about waste and recycling, water consumption and solar installations in Onkaparinga
  • Our Council

    2018 council election results and successful candidates for the Onkaparinga area. Results of the 2013 Community Satisfaction Survey.
  • South Australian Mothers and Babies

    The South Australian perinatal statistics collection is data collected from births in SA, notified by hospital and homebirth midwives and neonatal nurses. Further information...
  • Population Projections

    Contains projections (based on different assumptions of future fertility, mortality and migration) of the resident population of Australia, the states and territories, capital...
  • National Regional Profile

    The National Regional Profile (NRP) presents data for 2010-14 for Local Government Areas, Australian Statistical Geography Standard regions (Statistical Areas 2, 3 and 4, and...
  • Childhood Education and Care

    This publication presents information on children aged 0-12 years and their families. Information presented includes: use of formal and informal care; cost and duration of care;...
  • Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced

    This publication contains final estimates of gross and local values of production of major agricultural commodities for all states/territories and Australia.
  • Population by Age and Sex

    Contains latest available estimates by age and sex of the resident populations of areas of Australia as at 30 June. These estimates are provided for Statistical Areas Level 2 -...
  • Regional Population Growth

    Contains latest available estimates of the resident populations of areas of Australia as at 30 June in each year . These estimates are provided for Statistical Areas Level 2 - 4...
  • Recorded Crime - Offenders

    Offender statistics provide data relating to the number and characteristics of alleged offenders who have been proceeded against by police during the 12 month reference period....
  • Building Approvals

    Provides the number and value of dwelling units approved by sector (public/private) and by state, number and value of new houses, new other residential dwelling units approved...
  • Crime Victimisation

    Summary data about victims for a selected range of personal and household offences including assault, threatened assault, personal robbery, sexual assault, household break-in,...
  • Labour Force Monthly

    Summary results of the monthly Labour Force Survey containing estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time/part-time status, states and territories...
  • Agricultural Commodities

    This publication contains final estimates of land use, crop and horticultural area and production, livestock numbers and farm management and demographic information for...
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