Open Data not just figures

The State Library has demonstrated that open data can also be in the form of audio. The dataset 'An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930' contains over 45 oral histories.

Listen to what life was like for early South Australian's by opening the dataset.

SA Water releases open data

We are pleased to announce that SA Water is part of Data.SA with five new datasets released. The data relates to: reservoir volumes, water quality, residential and business water and sewerage charges, annual report and performance data.

View SA Water's datasets
Satellite looking over earth

South Australia's Geospatial Strategy Industry Survey

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet would like your help in the development of the South Australian (SA) Geospatial Strategy. Your contribution will help paint a more detailed picture of SA's geospatial ecosystem and determine the best way forward together.

Please complete the 5 to 10 minute online survey by 17 August.