Bus Stop-WhereDaBus

Bus Stop-WhereDaBus

Uses Adelaide Metro Real-Time Passenger information Don't get stuck with out of date timetables, or last minute changes to routes, this data is always live and always up to date. Accurate information even during during public events or roadworks. Never carry another timetable again.

This will ONLY work for Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

It provides real-time information - live!

WhereDaBus is designed by someone who uses Adelaide metro public transport every day.

The idea behind whereDaBus is to only show the buses, train and trams YOU need when YOU need them.

You can set 2 default stops, morning and afternoon. When you start whereDaBus it will automatically go to your default - before midday the morning default and after midday the afternoon default. No clicking through options, just YOUR timetable YOUR way. A clean and simple interface. Just hit the location icon to give you stops near you or enter the 5 digit

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Launch Adelaide Metro Real-Time Passenger Information dataset