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04 Jul 2017
Photograph of a family from the Bond Studio

Portraits of Portonians in the early 1900’s

If you love family history and have ancestors that lived in Port Adelaide, then this dataset is for you! The History Trust of South Australia has released a new dataset of photographs taken from Bond Studios in Port Adelaide. See photographs of weddings, debuts, sailors and soldiers from the early 1900’s.
10 May 2017
Download a list of datasets

Export a list of Data.SA datasets as a CSV

Users of Data.SA can now export datasets in CSV format. The export includes the title, description, publishing organisation, temporal coverage and associated metadata.
15 Feb 2016
Image of building blocks that spells baby names

Popular Baby Names

Can you guess the most popular baby names for 2015? Perhaps it was Olivia or Scarlett for the girls or Thomas for the boys? The Attorney General's Department has just released over 4000 registered baby names for 2015.
10 Feb 2016
Image of the Location SA Map Viewer

Location SA Map Viewer

The Location SA Map Viewer is a public-facing application to enable citizens to visualise much of the state government data in the Location SA repository. Where this data is available for download, a link to Data.SA is provided.