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  • Flood Mapping

    Studies undertaken to determine the possible high flow rates and anticipated flood flow paths of watercourses in Onkaparinga. The information is used to help inform our...
  • Heritage Listed Properties

    A list of properties in the City of Onkaparinga that are listed on the State or Local Heritage Registers.
  • Our Community

    Statistical information about house prices, public housing, crime rates, volunteering, internet access and public transport usage in Onkaparinga
  • Waste Management Bin Inspection Education Program

    Summary data collected from bin inspections
  • Our Council

    2014 council election results for the Onkaparinga area. Data also includes the results of the 2013 Community Satisfaction Survey.
  • Our Health

    Statistics regarding chronic health conditions and risk factors, disability and the need for assistance in Onkaparinga
  • Our People

    Statistical information in text and graphical form about Onkaparinga's population with demographics
  • Our Environment

    Statistical information about waste and recycling, water consumption and solar installations in Onkaparinga
  • Our Economy

    Statistical information showing the number of businesses in Onkaparinga by major industry groups, employment size and turnover ranges
  • Our Land

    Statistical information about the City of Onkaparinga's size, suburbs and ABS Statistical areas. This is useful information for establishing a locality reference for further...
  • Corporate Statistics

    Key corporate statistics about the City of Onkaparinga. The information is updated annually to provide the most current and accurate information on the local area.
  • Water Catchments Map

    High level map showing catchment areas in the City of Onkaparinga
  • City of Onkaparinga Development Plan

    Development plans are the principal documents used in South Australia to guide development and against which development applications are assessed. Both a council and the...
  • Development Applications with Planning Zones 2015/16

    The Development Act requires that any construction, alteration, addition to or demolition of a building or structure, a change in that current use of land or anything that...
  • Parks and Reserves Location Map

    Interactive map showing pins for large and local council parks and beaches/ foreshores
  • Public Libraries Location Map

    Interactive map showing the location of all of the City of Onkaparinga's libraries
  • Public Art Location Map

    The City of Onkaparinga is committed to building strong vibrant communities through the provision of high quality arts. This interactive map provides locations of our public art...
  • Number of Properties by Suburb and Planning Zone

    Summary data showing a count of properties for each suburb and planning zone in the Onkaparinga Development Plan
  • Number of Properties by Suburb and Land Use Code

    Summary data showing a count of properties for each suburb and land use code
  • Customer Requests

    Summary data for Customer Service Requests taken by the City of Onkaparinga by financial year
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